Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Feed Me & Tell Me I'm Pretty

I need this tank top.
Eating has not been my favorite activity this trimester but it is still necessary unless you want a hunger induced emotional break down on your hands.

I ate plenty of yummy food in Ohio to share with you this week for What I Ate Wednesday.
1. Honey Almond Shrimp from Ty Ginger in Dublin, OH.
2. French Dip from Hudson 29 in Upper Arlington, OH.
3. Mahi Mahi Tacos at Brookside Country Club in Columbus, OH.
4. Burger and sweet potato fries from Matt the Millers in Grandview, OH.
5. Cheryl's cookies at my family baby shower- frosted buttercream are the best.
6. Costco chicken salad on a pretzel roll- my new fav.
  • What's your favorite restaurant in your hometown?
  • Regular fries or sweet potato fries?
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back To The Buckeye State

I had full intentions of recapping our trip to Ohio yesterday but then plane delays kept us up late Sunday night so yesterday was spent resting and getting ready for the week. Colorado is a crazy place to fly in and out of because the weather can be unpredictable in the summer. We had a great trip back to my hometown but I admit that I am ready to just be home and stay put for awhile.

Thursday night we had my family baby shower at my grandparents' country club. It was perfect and a great opportunity to see all of my family. It was nice to be in Columbus with my parents who haven't been back to visit in 4 years.

We took full advantage of opportunities to eat "Ohio food."

Saturday afternoon was my joint baby shower with my BFF, Kelly. More on that later this week....

It was great to see friends from home and realize they haven't changed. Less than 8 months until this girl is a dentist!

DLW's flight out from Colorado Springs was delayed Friday; we almost cancelled and just got a refund. I was so happy he made the effort to fly across the country for 36 hours- he's the best.

A huge thank you to everyone who made this trip possible and perfect. Who knows when the next time we will make it to Ohio will be but we can't wait for CKW to meet all the crazy Buckeyes who love her.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

34 Week Bumpdate

Baby W is the size of a butternut squash.

Weight Gain: ?!?! No scales on vacation. It's a rule.

Stretch Marks: Still none! I even brought my coconut oil to Ohio with me.

Movement: She is moving around morning, noon, and night. I feel a bit lopsided sometimes but I still can't tell you what is what. It might be a foot, could be a tush. I have no clue.

How I'm Feeling: My only complaint is this nagging rib pain I've had since my trip to Virginia. Dr. Google tells me this is very common as my uterus runs out of room. It feels almost like a bruise on my upper right rib, just under my bra line. It hurts more when I sit for extended periods of time which made flying to Ohio super fun.
Sleep: I have slept magically the last two nights in a King size bed with no dogs (or husband) in it. 

Food: I wake up starving but rarely feel hungry throughout the day. Nothing on a menu ever sounds good and when I do get food, I barely eat half of it. I've always heard about pregnant woman being hungry all the time but I'm the opposite. Eating has gone from my #1 favorite activity to my  least favorite activity.

Workouts: I knocked out two OrangeTheory workouts before I left town. It's been nice to take a few days off while in Ohio and just rest.

Maternity Clothes: My mom bought me a super cute coral maternity dress at Target this week. It will definitely be my go-to outfit for these final six weeks. Kath also bought me a maternity bra which might have been a solid investment 20 weeks ago.

Baby Items: I had my family baby shower/ dinner last night. My grandpa's wife, Linda, went above and beyond organizing the event. She made this pillow for CKW that matches the fabric in the baby room and also got her the cutest Taggie blanket with her name on it.

Best Moment This Week: We took our maternity pictures Monday evening and I'm in love with the sneak peeks. Our photographer, Tina Joiner, is fantastic and I can't wait to see the rest!

Looking Forward To: DLW arriving in Ohio late tonight (his flight was super delayed) and my joint baby shower with my best friend on Saturday!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm Coming for You, Columbus!

I am off to Columbus, Ohio today! 

I grew up in Ohio and most of my extended family still lives in Columbus. My parents are flying up from Florida and DLW will meet us there Friday afternoon. We have a big family dinner planned for tomorrow and a joint baby shower with my best friend, Kelly, on Saturday. I can't wait to go "home" and see our friends and family!

While I'm away, make sure to check out my friend Cait! She is super sweet and shared a great baby shower gift idea with us last week to help mamas-to-be stay organized.

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