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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our Weekly Grocery List

If you're like us, you buy the same groceries every week and don't even really need a list. We always have "the essentials" on hand and eat pretty much the same foods from week to week. Occasionally I will get excited about a new recipe or pick up a fun snack but this is what's always in our pantry and refrigerator.
We shop at three different stores, rarely on the same day. We hit up Costco every other week and Trader Joe's and King Sooper's (a Kroger store) are weekly trips. Sometimes we will skip King Sooper's if we stop at Target but most weeks we are grabbing a things from different stores when we're out and about.

Hillshire Naturals turkey lunch meat
Gatorade bottles
Fuji apples
"Fancy" unsalted mixed nuts
Potato bread (life is too short to eat wheat bread)
Dunkin' Donuts coffee (for DLW)
Basil pesto

Trader Joe's
Sweet potatoes
Yellow Squash
Red onion
Salad bag- romaine or spring mix
Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Vanilla coffee creamer
Decaf coffee (for me)
Frozen brown rice
Frozen turkey corndogs
Frozen corn
Canned refried beans
Ground turkey x2 (tacos and turkey burgers)
Chicken breasts
Almond butter
Maple leaf cookies (for DLW)
Cookies for me (I like to try something new each time)

King Soopers or Target:
Thomas' mini plain bagels
Mission flour tortillas
Shredded cheese
Colby jack cheese slices
Melt (dairy free "butter")
Caffeine free Coke Zero

We might pick up a few things at different stores but this is our normal grocery list. We don't have to buy everything every week but we always have the above ready to go. When we stick to "the essentials" we don't waste any food because we know we're going to eat it. It's usually when I buy a new food that it sits in the back of the refrigerator and goes to waste. We don't have a grocery budget but try to use King Sooper's coupons when we can.

  • What's on your "essentials" grocery list?
  • How many stores do you shop at?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend: Shopping, Snuggles, and Snapshots

What's the giant ball of light in the sky? I'm not familiar. The sun? What's that? After two weeks of rain, the sun is finally shining here in Colorado. Maybe this is the start of summer? It doesn't really matter because we are off to Florida again on Thursday.

DLW had an extra long weekend for Memorial Day so we had a mini stay-cation before our real vacation. On Friday we drove up to the outlet mall in Castle Rock. DLW needed some new digs and we both needed new running shoes. Collins didn't need anything but I couldn't resist the great sales on cute clothes.

I've run in Brooks, Mizunos, and now I'm trying Asics. DLW has always worn Asics and the older models are super on sale. I got the Gel Nimbus 16 in periwinkle and mint.
Collins and I hit up the Gymboree and Carter's outlets for some great sales. The swim set and 4th of July Romper are from Gymboree and the tropical numbers are from Carter's.
And then I saw this and decided she had to have it. My little preppy princess.
This is the only picture I have from Saturday so we must have stayed inside all day.
Sunday started with a family snuggle session. These dogs get more love and attention than before Collins was born. More on that later this week.
Maybe when we get back from Florida we won't need hats on our walks? Maybe. Maybe not.
I had a waxing appointment later Sunday morning. I used to be embarrassed by needing my lip waxed but it's a common problem with us dark haired beauties. I go every 4 weeks now for my brows and lip. European Wax Center uses hard wax which is the only way I'll get waxed now. It hurts less and lasts longer. If you've never tried hard wax (no strips), you need to. Now.
Memorial Day can be a rough day emotionally around our house so we try to stay active and busy. DLW and I got our workouts in before heading to Xochitl and Scotty's for dinner. Is there anything better than a patriotic family photo? DLW will be gone for the 4th of July this year so we wanted to take advantage of another patriotic holiday.
And just like that it's Tuesday again! I had plenty to do before we leave Thursday including clean the house and pack our bags. Would you be interested in a blog post about what I pack for Collins when I travel? Happy short week!

  • Do you shop at the outlet malls?
  • How did you spend Memorial Day?

Friday, May 22, 2015

She Doesn't Sleep Through The Night and That's Okay With Me

Collins doesn't sleep through the night and that's okay with me. She wakes up 1-4 times a night and I have no clue what makes some nights better than others. Is it the light on the baby monitor? The sound machine? Rain? I don't know and really, I don't care.
Earlier this week I heard of the death a former student. I didn't know him well but he was mine for a little while when I taught in Virginia. He is someone's son, someone's baby, who they will never hold in the middle of the night again.

There are mamas whose babies have spent their entire lives in hospitals instead of at home in their cribs. How lucky am I that I have a healthy baby who wants to eat all night so she can grow?

And that's what I think about when I'm stumbling through the dark. I am so fortunate to hold Collins at midnight (and 3am and 5 am).

So hold your babies tight and be thankful each time they wake up. Us tired mamas are incredibly fortunate.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Half Marathon Itch

I'm feeling it. The urge to run 13.1 miles. To cross a finish line and feel accomplished. To earn a fourth medal to hang on the wall. I have the half marathon itch.
It's been three years today since my first (and fastest) half marathon and two and a half years since my last. Rounding the corner on the Diva's course and sprinting to the finish is a moment I visualize when my workouts are tough. I remember exactly how that felt and what it took to push myself to the end. Finishing half marathons are my proudest moments and I want to feel that again. There are two empty hooks on my medal rack and I need them filled.

I am hoping to train for a fall half marathon. I would prefer to run somewhere flat and at a low elevation but traveling is expensive. I'm looking into ZOOMA Colorado Springs (maybe I'll be selected as an ambassador) and Rock 'n' Roll Denver in October. Maybe both.

Training for a half marathon is a significant time commitment. In the past, I ran a few times a week in addition to group exercise and then one long run on Sundays. I think I can easily work training into my workout schedule and let OrangeTheory serve as my weekday runs. I would maybe add a short run once a week and then a long run Saturday or Sunday when DLW can stay with Collins. I don't need to be pushing a stroller for 10+ miles.
My next half marathon will not likely be a PR but I can't wait to cross the finish line and hold Collins. To show her that her mama can set and reach her goals. To set an example that exercise is fun and encourage her to set her own goals someday.

  • Are you planning to run a fall half marathon?
  • Do you want to run a half marathon someday? It's the perfect season to start training!

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