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Friday, July 3, 2015

Collins Kathryn- 10 Months Old

Double digits. Wow. Our little piglet is growing too fast and her first birthday is sneaking up on us.
Stats: She was just 17lbs (26th %) and 27 inches (19th%) at her pediatrician appointment two weeks ago.

Teeth: Still just the two bottom teeth but they are cuter than ever.

Eating: How is it that another month has passed and I still don't feel like she's truly eating solids. She will snack on them here and there but I'm yet to make her a "meal." Any tips on how to make that a habit? It's just so easy to nurse her that I don't think about making her anything else. This month she nursed around 8 times per day for an average of 11 minutes each feeding.
Sleeping: She had her first "sleep through the night" night in a loooooong time this month. However, she is not consistent. Some nights she's up three times and the next she'll sleep nine hours straight. Her new bedtime is about 7:30pm and she is asleep by 8pm. The past couple nights she has slept 8pm-5am and then back down until 8am.

She is napping! I think I have finally figured out her nap needs. Collins takes one long midday nap. I usually put her down between 11am-12pm and she will sleep for about two hours (sometimes less, sometimes more).

Movement: She's on the move. Sort of. Collins is very ninja like and I couldn't figure out how she was moving herself around for awhile. She started scotting on her tush a couple weeks ago and will not flip to her front and push herself backwards and in circles. She hasn't quite figured out how to get her knees underneath her body to make her an official crawler.
Mood: She is just a little happy human. She just seems giggly and silly lately and I love watching her figure out the world.
Clothes: Collins is still wearing her 6-9 month pajamas and clothes. Most of her 9 month pants are still too long on her short legs (she can blame me for those). She wears size 3 diapers (which reminds me I need to go buy more).  I don't see anything getting too small yet so we have at least another month of what she has right now.

Likes: Scooting around, the remote, men with facial hair, plastic water bottles, throwing DVDs around the room, her grandparents, making noises with her tongue, turning the pages in books, carbs.
Dislikes: Trying new vegetables, anytime I have to wake her up (I try my best to never wake the sleeping baby but sometimes life gets in the way),

Nicknames: Collie, Pigs, The Piglet
I am: not shedding anymore (that stopped at about 8-9 months) but these baby hairs that are growing back are special. I'm happy to have my little sidekick while DLW is gone this month. Sometimes we dress alike.
DLW is: still in Kentucky for Cadet Leadership Training. He will be back next weekend so we are looking forward to having him home. I have sent him a couple pictures of Collins but we haven't been able to communicate much. I am hoping Collins will hold off on full blown crawling until he gets back.

The dogs are: missing their Daddy. DLW is the dog walker and it is a challenge to walk everyone so I haven't been able to take them out. Poor Sadie is so bored and thinks we're going for a walk every time I put on shoes. Layla misses him because he gives her people food and feeds her six times a day. I have been trying to get them back on a 3x per day feeding schedule and they think I'm starving them.

What I want to remember: this month Collins started to scoot and push herself around the room.

She is sitting in high chairs at restaurants and riding in the cart at stores.
We celebrated Father's Day with out DLW but will re-celebrate when he gets back.
Grandpa Tim & Khaki came for a surprise visit and we did not want them to leave.
Collie Kate is growing faster than the weeds in the yard (which reminds me I need to pull those today). It won't be long until we are celebrating her first birthday and I'll be crying in the corner.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Golden Birthday Weekend

Despite everything that happened with Mila, I had a really good birthday weekend.
I was sitting out back with Xochitl Friday afternoon when I heard Layla howling inside. Then I heard Collins start crying on the monitor and I was pissed. I stomped inside the reprimand Layla for waking up the baby when I heard knocking on my front door. Who the heck is knocking on my door? It better not be the crazy lady.

I open the door and there is my mom! I look to the right and my dad is here too! Surprise!
This is apparently my surprised face. Cute. I had NO IDEA. Not a clue. I had been talking to them all day the day before and texting with my mom all morning. It turns out Xochitl knew, too. Sneaky little tricksters.
My parents stayed until yesterday afternoon and it was so nice to have extra hands around to help and just some one else to talk to.

My brother came down from the mountains to visit so it was an unplanned family birthday celebration. Collins is really into Uncle Mason's beard.
Saturday was my birthday so I went to a 90 minute OrangeTheory Fitness class. There must be something twisted in my brain if I want to get my butt kicked 90 minutes on my birthday. Burning 1,000 calories is an excuse to eat lots of cake, right?
We grabbed some food and an enormous cake at Costco for Xochitl and Scotty to join us for a birthday dinner at home. Xochitl brought gold balloons for my golden birthday.
It was a low-key celebration but the perfect way to spend time with everyone I wanted to be with (except DLW, of course). I got to do everything I wanted: spend time with friends and family, sweat like crazy at OTF, and help a doggy in need. 27 is golden.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Parvo Is The Worst

We lost Mila to Parvo last night.
Despite having two rounds of the vaccine, she tested positive for Parvo Friday afternoon. She was kept overnight at the vet for stabilization and IV fluids. She was released Saturday morning for home care with meds and special food.
Unfortunately she was unable to keep any nutrition down and became very sick late Saturday night. We were unable to keep fluids in her body as fast as they were coming out. By Sunday night she could not open her eyes, had no reflex to swallow, and was barely hanging on.
There's not much you can do at 8pm on a Sunday but my dad couldn't just let her die with out trying. at 9pm he and my mom took her to the emergency vet. She was so critical that the vet did not think the treatment would even help and together they made the call to put her down.

We saw this double rainbow earlier that evening and now I know it was waiting for Mila to cross The Rainbow Bridge.
We tried so hard and loved her the best we could in the short time she was ours. I cannot thank my parents enough for surprising me this weekend (more on that tomorrow) and stepping in to help me with Collins and the dogs.

Do me a favor or three. Make sure your dog's vaccinations are up to date. Pick up your dog poo. Spay and neuter your pets. These things can help reduce the number of Parvo cases. Parvo is a highly contagious virus that kills dogs and puppies from the inside out. I would hate to see anyone else lose their furbaby to Parvo.
We are heartbroken but know Mila Moo is no longer suffering.  Rescue work can be heartbreaking but there will always be more animals who need our help. Mila's sister, Mora, has also tested positive and is still hanging out. Please send some positive puppy vibes her way.

Rest easy, sweet girl. Go find Crockett, Tubbs, Winnie, and Tigger. Tell them we sent you.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Just Us Girls: Week 2 & Send Positive Puppy Vibes, Please!

Oh hi! It's Friday and I kind of lost interest in my list of 27 things. I had great aspirations and then I got a foster puppy. So yeah. You're just getting my normal "this is what we did this week" recap today.

It has actually be HOT in Colorado this week (hot by Colorado standards anyway) so I caught some rays while studying BODYPUMP on Monday.
Tia Xochitl loves playing dress up with Collie. I came home to this Monday night. Too cute for words.
I am trying to set water goals to make sure I'm staying hydrated. Between the heat, the altitude, breastfeeding, and exercise I need to drink a ton of water. I drank 152 oz on Monday.
Collins and I went on a dinner date to Chick-fil-A Tuesday just us girls.
My flower boxes and roses are doing well. The rose bushes were already here when we moved in but I planted the boxes earlier this month.
Miss Mila had it made in the shade yesterday. However, she is not doing too hot today. There is a good chance she will test positive for Parvo when I take her to the vet this afternoon. Parvo can be deadly do puppies so please send some positive puppy vibes our way. She couldn't keep food down yesterday and will not eat or drink. She has no energy and will not come out of her crate. I hope with early treatment we will be able to get her back on her feet.
I'm solely responsible for 4 living things. LOL. Good idea, Mal.
I was downstairs last night and heard thumping noises from our loft area. Collins somehow wiggled herself from her quilt all the way over and rolled to her belly. She is a sneaky little thing and crawling is coming soon.
Collins slept until 9am this morning so I got in 3/4 of BODYPUMP before she woke up. Finding quiet times to exercise at home has been tough!
I hope you all have a great weekend! I will keep you updated on Mila's health when I know more. It breaks my crazy dog lady heart to see her so sick.
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