Thursday, August 28, 2014

Personalized Gift Idea for Guys

DLW has accomplished a lot recently. Not only did he deploy to Afghanistan but he was accepted into the Army's Green to Gold program, received his Bronze Star Medal, and will soon become a dad. Those are some pretty major accomplishments! I knew I wanted to get him a little something to commemorate this time and let him know just how proud I am of all he has achieved so far.
DLW has used the same monogrammed wallet since I met him and it was on it's last leg. He isn't a huge fan of change so I ordered him the exact same wallet from Things Remembered but changed the font of the monogram- living on the edge.
I wanted to add a personal touch and found this engraved wallet card on Etsy. Now DLW has a constant reminder of how proud I am and will always remember this exciting time!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just Call Me Gus Gus

Gus Gus is my spirit animal.
Not only do our shirts not fit but we also love food.
This week's What I Ate Wednesday has a few home cooked meals and restaurant meals too! Gus Gus would approve.
1. Mini Reese Oreos. The baby and I count as a "family" right?!
2. The yummy spread at my baby shower this passed weekend.
3. Pesto Cavatappi from Noodles & Co.
4. Chik-fil-A wrap
5. I attempted to make homemade mashed red potatoes (like not from a box).
6. Mexican! I haven't wanted Mexican at all during my pregnancy but I wanted it real bad last week. Good big or go home.
7. Perfect turkey burger grilled cheeses.
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Our Fifth and Final Baby Shower

For someone who didn't have any bridal showers, I sure made up for it in baby showers! It sounds crazy that we've have FIVE baby showers but that's what happens when you move every few years. We started with a book shower at my school, then my Richmond shower in June, my family dinner shower and neighborhood joint shower in Ohio in July, and finally a small couples shower here in Colorado Springs.

CKW is a spoiled little thing and we are so fortunate to have generous friends and family who were willing to throw us baby showers all over the country.

My friend Krystie was the perfect hostess for our fifth and final baby shower. She knew I wanted something low key with minimal games and lots of food. She put together the perfect couples barbecue for the friends we've made here.

Pink, turquoise, and monogram perfection!
 We decorated onesies (even the guys)!
 DLW with his decorated onesies.
 A huge thank you to Krystie for hosting and our friends for coming to our baby shower! xoxo

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

38 Week Bumpdate

Baby W is the size of a spaghetti squash or a pumpkin.

This week's bumpdate is a day late because... well, because I was exceptionally lazy yesterday. I was horizontal most of the day with the exception of my OrangeTheory workout and getting my eyebrows waxed (I have my priorities).

Tuesday's doctor's appointment was uneventful. I peed in a cup, hopped on the scale, and waited 30 minutes in the room alone to talk to my doctor for maybe 2 minutes. She has not been checking my cervix which is fine with me- no need to poke around in there unnecessarily. CKW can come whenever she wants now but she doesn't seem to have plans to come anytime soon.

Waiting around to have a baby is like opening a can of cinnamon rolls... you know it's coming but you're never ready for the POP!

Weight Gain: 24lbs on my scale and still just 22 on my doctor's. I haven't gained weight in a few weeks but I am measuring right on track. I'm hoping this means my butt is getting smaller...

Stretch Marks: Nada!

Movement: Lots! I've been making DLW come feel her move and he is pretty sure it's an alien. He's been watching too much Ancient Aliens with our "roommate."
How I'm Feeling: I honestly don't feel all that different than I did at 30 or 35 weeks. Yesterday was the first day I didn't feel great. I am not eating enough to sustain my energy which is causing me to feel crappy. Imagine walking around with a watermelon strapped to your midsection- that's what being pregnant is like. 
Sleep: I have been sleeping better this week and haven't stayed up for any extended periods of time. Sadie is up at 3am like clockwork to potty; I hope she and the baby can get on the same schedule eventually.

Food: I get the "hungry burps" when I haven't eaten enough and DLW knows that means I need to eat NOW. Nothing sounds good to me and when I do eat, I don't have very much room in there! I am still loving Chipotle and I have perfected the art of grilled cheese. Not gaining weight means Dairy Queen is allowed, right?! RIGHT.
Workouts: Goodness I am sore today! I am still going to OrangeTheory in addition to teaching BodyPump on Thursday mornings. My doctor really wants my water to break while I'm teaching a class- no thanks! I am just as shocked as everyone else that I can still run jog my treadmill intervals at OrangeTheory.
Maternity Clothes: If by maternity clothes, you mean gym clothes and pajamas.... then yes.

Baby Items: I finally packed the hospital bag (DLW made me) and we installed the car seat bases in both of our cars. We feel like responsible parents.

Best Moment This Week: I am just enjoying this time at home with DLW and the pups.

Looking Forward To: Our 4th and final baby shower tomorrow!
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