Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Collins Kathryn- Two Weeks Old

I know I promised I wouldn't do weekly baby updates so just consider this a post of super cute baby pictures. K? Thanks.

It's hard to believe that it's already been two weeks since I was in labor. This little girl has made us so happy and oh so tired. We are keeping things low-key around here and I can't complain that my day is spent in comfy clothes with a baby on my lap.
 Uncle Mason (my brother) came down from Crested Butte, CO to meet CKW.
 Ohh heyyy, pretty girl!
 What color will those eyes be?!
 Our neighbor offered to take a few family pictures for us.
 Lazy Saturday at our house- the Puppy Princesses are still a top priority
 Three generation selfie before my parents left on Sunday
 Collins and I survived our first trip to the grocery store
 Monday afternoon- a really thrilling life we live out here.
DLW is the world's best (and best looking) daddy at our second pediatrician appointment. Little Girl is 7 lbs, 11.5 oz!
 The most perfect onesies from my blog bestie turned real bestie, Stephanie. #CollinsKathryn
I am hoping to write Part Two of Collins' birth story for Friday but I make no promise. Sleep > Blogging.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Collins' Birth Story {Part 1}

CKW's due date was fast approaching and I had hopes of labor throughout the Labor Day weekend. I was showing some signs that things might start soon but knew it could be days or even weeks.

On Tuesday, September 2nd I didn't think this baby was going to come by her due date the next day. DLW and I walked the dogs that morning and I didn't feel any different than I had a few weeks prior.
I took a nap after our walk and had plans to go get a pedicure that afternoon (no one wants to have a baby with yucky feet). I woke up around noon and decided to hop in the shower. After my shower I wasn't feeling so hot. DLW came upstairs and found me sitting on the bed with a towel underneath me. I told him I didn't really feel great and that I was going to skip the pedicure and stay home. 

Around 1:00 pm I decided to lay down and started to feel what I thought were cramps in my lower uterus area (where your uterus is normally). I've never had cramps before so I had no idea what I was experiencing. The cramps would intensify and I would have to kick my legs or walk around to get through them. The "cramps" were joined by lower back pain before it dawned on me that I was having contractions. Duh, Mallory. Between contractions I dryed my hair, put on mascara, and put on earrings because I knew I might have the baby that day (priorities). As I timed my contractions/"cramps" on my phone, I forced myself to sort and put away all of my clean laundry before I called the Labor and Delivery triage desk.

I called the L&D floor at 2:15pm after an hour of intense "cramps" and back pain. I must have sounded calm on the phone because the triage nurse did not believe I was in active labor. She said that since it was my first baby and I was only 1cm dilated a week prior, I should stay home unless my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart or I had "water running down my leg." She advised me to eat something and said active labor contractions would stop me in my tracks.

So I threw on a bathing suit cover up (I did not want to have any clothes on) and went downstairs to grab a snack. Our former "roommate" had stopped by and greeted me at the bottom of the stairs.

Derek: "Hey! How's it going?"
Me: "I think I'm dying."
DLW: "Yeah we're pretty sure Mallory is in labor." *shrugs shoulders*

A contraction hit while I was chowing down on Cinnamon Toast Eggo waffles and I excused myself back upstairs with a few curse words. I called my mom to tell her what was going on but told her it was probably nothing because the nurse didn't sound convinced. I didn't want to be one of those women who went to the hospital only to be sent home. I finished packing our hospital bag and my contractions averaged 4 minutes apart.
I paced around our upstairs as the pain increased. I even tried getting in the bath tub and regretted  never installing that fancy messaging shower head. My contractions felt like someone was using a garden tool to scrape out my uterus. My lower back pain felt like a wrecking ball was being shoved through either side of spine and I thought my hip bones were being pushed apart.
THIS was inside my uterus. I'm sure of it.
I forced myself to wait until 3:15 pm before I called the L&D triage again.

"Hi- It's Mallory Whitt again. I know I just called an hour ago but maybe I downplayed what I'm feeling. I definitely couldn't go out in public like this."

The same nurse told me I could "certainly come in and be evaluated." She still wasn't convinced.

I threw on some clothes and yelled downstairs to DLW who was still talking to his buddy. I was already heading towards the car as he scrambled to change clothes and grab our bags (I hadn't given him much warning that this was the real deal). We hopped in the car and the song "Something Bad About to Happen" was on the radio and I found it very appropriate. The hospital is only 5 miles away so I only had to endure 2-3 contractions on the way. Poor DLW tried to comfort me by putting his hand on my knee and all I could say was, "NO."
We pulled into the hospital parking lot at 3:30 pm and I told DLW I wanted to walk into the hospital instead of being dropped off at the door. We even stopped to take a selfie between contractions. Here's the thing about contractions- you feel great until you don't. 
Another contraction hit while we rode the elevator up to the 3rd floor and another as we approached the L&D triage desk. I was hopping around through the contraction when the desk nurse said, "well she looks pretty serious." I signed one last consent form and was lead to a triage room. DLW helped me change into the hospital gown while I cursed my way through a few more contractions.
Standing > sitting
At 4pm the triage nurse (the one who didn't believe me on the phone) gave me an internal exam and announced that I was 4cm dilated and 95% effaced.
We're having a baby!
"So we're staying?" DLW asked.
"Yes, you're staying" said the unconvinced nurse.

To be continued...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Postpartum Progress Pictures- Inspirational or Discouraging?

I am one week postpartum and feeling great. Like, really great. Almost normal actually and I know I am incredibly fortunate to have had a smooth, easy pregnancy and delivery. I am happy when I look in the mirror and step on the scale and I feel confident in my skin. I am thankful I was able to exercise until the day before Collins was born and I think that made all the difference.

Earlier this week I shared my six day postpartum progress pictures on Instagram and Facebook. I wrote a caption about "what a difference a week can make," being thankful for being able to work out and that I was "feeling-skinny." The photo received a number of 'likes' and I was happy to share my progress because I had been inspired by similar photos during my pregnancy.
39 weeks, 5 days vs 6 days postpartum
An hour or so after I posted the picture, I received a message from a Facebook friend who I barely know. The short version is that she was very fortunate to bounce back quickly after her pregnancies too but did not feel it was appropriate to "advertise" my post-baby body on Facebook because many women are still trying to lose their baby weight months and even years later. I know this message did not come out of jealousy but rather guidance from someone who has been in my shoes. She was very complimentary in her message and I appreciated her sharing her perspective.

I immediately felt like an a-hole and took the picture off Facebook but kept it on Instagram. I usually post my fitness pictures to just Instagram anyway and maybe Facebook wasn't the appropriate social media outlet; I doubt the kid who sat next to me in second period Biology in the tenth grade wants to see my formerly pregnant belly.
6 days postpartum and feeling fabulous
But then I kept thinking about it all afternoon and it all really started to bother me. I understand what she was saying and I would never intentionally make someone feel bad about themselves, but I worked my ass off for 9 months in hopes I would recover quickly. I put in the hours and the effort over the last few months and feel that I earned my postpartum body. As someone who has been 'bigger,' I am so incredibly proud of myself. I respect the viewpoint of my Facebook friend but I don't want to feel guilty for sharing my successes.

I didn't share my progress pictures to offend anyone or put them down. I shared my progress pictures to inspire other women. I would see postpartum progress pictures on social media while pregnant and feel motivated, not discouraged. If they could do it, I could too. Being pregnant does not mean you have to feel bad about yourself or that you will never "get your body back." Being pregnant means making healthy lifestyle choices for you and your baby. There were days that I didn't want to get off the couch but I did because I knew it was the best thing for me and for Collins. Maybe my comment about "feeling-skinny" should have said "feeling- healthy" because that is the ultimate goal.

It is my hope that my pictures and blog posts will motivate other women to exercise before, during, and after pregnancy (if they are medically able) because I truly believe that is the reason I had an uncomplicated pregnancy, short delivery and quick recovery. I have plenty of work to do to once these first six weeks are over (my tummy may look flatter but it's squishy too) but I know I will get there. I am giving my body time to recover before jumping back into the gym and teaching BodyPump. We can all have a 'better body after baby', even if you had that baby ten years ago. I'm here to help and in any way I can and I can't wait to share my journey with you on the blog and Instagram, not Facebook. *wink*
  • Do you find postpartum progress pictures inspirational or discouraging?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Collins Kathryn- One Week Old

This last week has been a blur. It's hard to believe our little girl has been ours for a whole week! I don't plan on doing weekly baby updates but I wanted to document this crazy week so that someday I might be able to remember it.

Everything is going better than expected and although I could use a little more sleep, I can't complain. Collins is an awesome baby and Sadie cries more than she does. She is sleeping for 3-5 hour stretches and I have to wake her up to eat. DLW is a master diaper changer and we have already been peed on a few times. We are getting the hang of this parenting thing together and just laugh when things don't go exactly as planned.

We are so in love with Miss Collins and have had a great week together as a family of three five.

A special mother-daughter moment just after she was born.
 That's one proud daddy.
 My mom, "Khaki," arrived Wednesday afternoon.
Feeling good after a shower and my own clothes. Hospital gowns are not comfortable.
 All dressed up to go home Thursday afternoon.
 Leaving the hospital on Thursday, September 4th. Less than 48 hours after we arrived.
 I think she's pretty perfect.
 Family selfies are our new favorite hobby.
 Breakfast for everyone- we are so lucky to have my mom here to help out and make me pretty fruit cups.
 My selfie partner for life. This headband and outfit lasted about 10 minutes.
 Grandpa Tim (my dad) arrived Saturday and couldn't wait to meet his granddaughter.
 Sadie is in love with "her baby."
 Collins wore pants for the first time and so did I. Leggings are pants, right?! RIGHT.
Collins looks like one of the creepy baby dolls from baby class in this picture but cuter.
 We left the munchkin with my parents on Sunday for a Starbucks and Target date. Real romantic.
 Sadie has surprised us and is the best big sister.
 Here is a sneak peek from Collins' newborn photos from Monday- she was just 6 days old!
Little girl rocked her first pediatrician's appointment yesterday. She is perfectly healthy and already 7 lbs, 3.5 oz!
We took our first family walk and are loving our Graco jogging stroller.
This week has been a whirlwind but we could not be happier to be home with our babe!
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