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Friday, January 6, 2017

Wyatt Lee- 4 Months Old

Okay so he's actually four and a half months old these days but close enough, right?
Stats: 15 lbs, 8 oz. 24.5 inches. He weighs more than Collie did at 6 months. We have a chunky man on our hands.

Teeth: None but he is very drooly these days. Collins went through a drooly phase at this age too; it is interesting to find similarities between two very different babies.

Eye Color: His eyes are light! I think they will be more hazel like DLW's eyes.

Eating: Wyatt is still nursing like a champ. He eats 7-9 times a day for an average of 12 minutes each feed. We won't start solid foods for another couple months but I am looking forward to that because it will give DLW another tool for when I'm out of the house (and give me a little more freedom).

Sleeping: Wyatt was sleeping in his swing up until this point. I have just recently transitioned him to his Rock n Play at night. I am hoping he will be ready to transition to his crib in another month or two. Wyatt still naps in his swing in the morning for a couple hours and take a shorter nap in the afternoon.
Mood: This kid is just so happy, smiley, and giggly. Collie got the first giggles out of him and I love how he looks at her. He is content being at home but doesn't love when we leave the house. He is an easy baby and very rarely fusses or cries as long as I don't eat dairy or soy.

Clothes: Wyatt is in 3-6 month clothes and pajamas. He wears size 2 diapers. My favorite outfit from this size is his green mountain onesie. I bought this before he was born and was afraid he would be too small to wear it during the winter months. Obviously that is not a problem... I also love his Zutano fleece booties for winter.
Likes: His sister, kisses, bath time
Dislikes: Leaving the house, being cold, tummy time

Nicknames: WyWy, Wy, Chunky Man, Buddy, Bubby, Brother

I am: Finally starting to see the scale move again. I haven't been sharing my postpartum progress pictures this time around because I honestly don't care as much. Last time I was so eager to "get my body back" but I know it will happen eventually so why stress about it? Cutting dairy has helped me drop 5 lbs and I just have another 5 to go.

DLW is: really starting to bond with Wyatt. He spends so much time helping with Collins that he has felt like he never gets to hold Wyatt. Now WyWy smiles at his daddy and is happy to see him which makes me love them both even more. Splitting time between two babies and working long hours is challenging but he is the best daddy to both Whittles.
Collins is: finally taking an interest in her brother. She still hasn't held him yet but she is showing my affection towards him. She will air kiss his head and touch his face. She likes to "check" on him and asks where he is in the morning. She has started saying, "Collie big sisser" and takes her job very seriously. She loves to help with bath and pick out his pajamas.
What I want to remember: This month you started to laugh and truly smile, we are practicing sitting up, you love watching your sister and doggies, you met Santa at Chick-fil-A
Happy four (ish) months, Big Man!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wyatt Lee- 3 Months Old

Big Buddy is three months old and happier than ever. We have made a few changes this month and are finding a routine as a family of four.
Stats: I would guess he's pushing 14lbs or even more.

Eating: He didn't earn the nickname "Big Buddy" for his small stature or birdlike appetite. Wyatt loves to eat. He nurses 8-10 times a day for an average of 13 minutes each.

Sleeping: Confession: Wyatt sleeps in his swing. I know, I know. I'm setting myself up for a difficult transition but we were in survival mode over here. When Collins was a baby I would have NEVER let her sleep in a swing because I read the websites and knew how to transition her to her crib easily and have her sleep through the night (ha!). While Collins did transition to her crib easily, she didn't sleep through the night until 19 months. What's the lesson here? Every baby is different and you do what you gotta do to make it through. Wyatt only wakes up once per night if at all while in his swing. He sleeps, I sleep, we all sleep. Win.
Mood: Our happy baby man is even happier now that I am dairy free again. He used to fuss from about 8-11 pm every night. I blamed the "witching hour" and endured the screaming. A few weeks ago, DLW said he wanted to go dairy free and I decided to join him just to see what happened. Five days dairy free and the nightly fussing stopped. The witching hour is no longer a thing. Wyatt doesn't fuss in the evenings and is sleeping better, too. Collins' dairy intolerance showed up at the same age so I'm not at all surprised by this.
Clothes: Wyatt is pushing the limits on his 0-3 month clothes. My favorite outfits from this size is his fleece vest outfit and his blue Polo. This blue Polo one piece is special because DLW picked it out back when we thought Collins was a boy. When we found out she was girl I saved it just in case we ever had a boy. Now we have a big chunky boy who had to wear it with the snaps undone.
Likes: His sister, the swing, colors on the TV, ceiling fans, bath time, his mama,

Dislikes: Riding in the car, bottles

Nicknames: WyWy, Buddy, Big Buddy, Super Wy, Wy Wy Boogey, Peanut

I am: MIA. I haven't blogged since Wyatt's last monthly update because keeping two humans alive and happy takes up every minute and once of energy I have. Wyatt is normally awake when Collins naps and if they're both asleep, I spend time with DLW.

DLW is: settling into a new routine at work. So far we have been very fortunate with his schedule and he has gotten to spend a lot of time with Collins when he gets home. He is incredibly helpful and uses his lunch hour to run errands, get to the DMV, and pick up anything we need.
Collins is: still my lap baby. I was worried how she would react when Wyatt was born because she spent most of the day in my lap. She definitely has her times of jealousy when I'm nursing and can't hold her but they are few and far between. She  asks tells me to put Wyatt "away" so I can hold her and tries to tug on his feet. Thankfully we still get plenty of snuggle time while he naps. Lately Collins says, "Collie turn!" when Wyatt gets his diaper changed and then wants her's changed too.

Collins enjoys decorating her brother with stickers but he doesn't seem to mind.
What I want to remember: This month you celebrated your first Halloween as Mickey Mouse,
You caught your first cold that turned into an eye infection, you endured your first road trip all the way to Ohio where you met most of your great-grandparents and other extended family members.

Despite a household cold and one long road trip, we have had another happy month. Now that we have figured out the dairy issue, Wyatt is really the best baby. Collins is adjusting well and really cares about her brother. Happy three months, Wy!

You can read Collins' three month update here.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Wyatt Lee- 2 Months Old

The big man hit two months last week and it's safe to say we don't have a tiny baby anymore.
Stats: 12 lbs, 10 ozs (59th percentile) and 22.5 inches tall (26th percentile). He is over a pound bigger than Collins was at two months. He is growing by the day.

Eating: You can tell by his cheeks that he loves to eat. Big Man nurses 9-11 times a day for an average of 12 minutes each. I attempted to pump and feed him a bottle for the first time this month but neither of us were really into it. We have two weddings next month so I need to work on pumping and feeding bottles to have a night out and about.

Sleeping: Things have gotten better in the sleep department but they still aren't great. He likes to stay up until 11pm- midnight before sleeping for 3-4 hours stretches. A couple nights he has given me a 6 hours block but only because I let him sleep in his swing after fussing for a few hours (whatever works). The swing is obviously not a long term solution and his sleep is very much a work in progress. I am consciously taking the time to let him sleep on me when possible and enjoy him being little. I already know how fast these babies grow- everything else can wait.
Mood: Wyatt is a good baby. I tell him every day. He is relaxed and chill. He very rarely cries and only fusses when he's hungry or mad about being in the carseat. He will be cranky if he's overtired but it is rare we really hear him scream. He is happy most of the day but will start to fuss around 7-8 pm. We definitely got lucky again in the happy baby department.
Clothes: Big Man is officially in 0-3 months clothes exclusively and wears size 1 diapers. He is chuuuuunky and I love it. We have a lot of hand-me-down clothes for this size which has been great. There are very few clothes of Collie's that Wyatt can wear too so I love this Halloween PJ comparison. Both Whittles at 7 weeks old.
Likes: Bath time, the Bright Starts swing, watching his Sissy, staying up late, being worn in the Lillebaby carrier
Dislikes: Being out of the house, his carseat, being overtired

Nicknames: WyWy, Chunky Man or Chunky Man Baby, Big Buddy, Peanut Butter, BroBro
I am: a hermit. The idea of leaving the house alone with two kiddos is just too much. We stay home all week because going anywhere is such an ordeal. Last week I woke them both up for an "early" morning meeting; there was a miscommunication and we had to reschedule. I was so upset that I woke two sleeping babies, got dressed, and was even on time for nothing. I imagine it will get easier with time and practice but dang.

DLW is: back at work! DLW started his new job as a quartermaster PL last week. So far his hours haven't been too bad and he's been home at a reasonable hour. He is adjusting to this new non-infantry officer life and we are trying to find a new routine.

Collins is: two years old. Collie is sweet 90% of time. The other 10% of the time she acts like a terrorist. I'm going to blame her sociopathic behavior on teething, becoming a big sister, and DLW going back to work all at once. Like previous rough patches I know this one will be over eventually and I just have to ride it out. Two year olds are exhausting.
As a big sister, Collins is a great helper. She gets out all the diaper changing necessities and sits next to Wyatt. She gets excited to see her brother every morning and says, "WyWy up." When he fusses she says, "oh my," runs over, and usually rips the blanket off of him. I will find her toys tucked into his swing and she even kissed his head the other day. She brings him blankets and tries to shove the pacifier in his mouth. I can tell she's watching me because she insists on swaddling her Ellie and will bounce her and say "shhh." She's a sweet little mama.

What I want to remember: This month you have started to smile and find your voice. We moved into our new house and you finally have your own room (although you still sleep in our room). We went to the pumpkin farm where you slept the whole time. We celebrated Daddy's 30th birthday with friends- you also slept the whole time. You would spend all day in your swing if we let you. You are a water baby like your sister and love bath time. You are a happy little man and we love you more every day.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I shared this on Instagram a few weeks ago and hinted a little about this before but we are homeowners! I didn't want to blog about buying a house before it was officially official but we have been homeowners for almost one month! 
Back in April I told you about our first attempt at buying a house and then shared our crazy PCS to Virginia in June. We knew we didn't want to stay on Fort Lee the full year and decided to pay the price to move off-post ASAP. After examining the nonexistent rental market in Richmond, we decided to start working with our realtor again to buy a home.

Looking closer to Fort Lee, we visited one house and didn't make it past the front door. From there we looked at new construction in a not so great neighborhood. We LOVED the idea of a brand new home but hated that we were still so far from our friends.

The next weekend a home popped up in our ideal neighborhood (where we tried to buy the first house). It was updated and priced right so I knew it would sell fast. We called our realtor, got in for a showing that afternoon, and made an offer that evening.

We were soon under contract and set the closing date for 60 days rather than 45. This gave the sellers time to find a new home and us time to have a baby/ finish BOLC. We closed on our new home September 22nd, the same day that DLW graduated BOLC.
With the help of friends, my parents, and a two movers, we moved in that weekend.

It's been a busy month getting settled into our new house and making it feel like a home. Our boxes are finally unpacked and we have pictures hanging on the walls. While this house doesn't have everything on our wish list, it is a great home for the next 3-4 years. DLW likes that it only has three bedrooms so I can't fill rooms with more babies or coondogs.
From here DLW has a 32 minute commute down to Fort Lee. I am much closer to multiple gyms and Collins will be able to walk to school when the time comes. We have a pool and a playground just down the street and all the tall trees are changing colors.

The Whitts are finally feeling settled here in Virginia. We are ready to enjoy the Fall weather (although it's in the 80s today), the holidays, and the next few years in our new home.
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