Friday, April 18, 2014

20 Week Bumpdate

Baby W is the size of a banana! Gross. I hate bananas.

Everyone keeps saying "you're half way there" but that's kind of crap. The first 4 weeks were freebies so really it's only like 16 weeks down, 20 to go. Nice try.

Weight Gain: 10-12 lbs on my scale but we will see what the doctor's scale says this afternoon.

Stretch Marks: None.

Movement: Have you ever wondered what it feels like when a baby moves? Imagine swallowing a live goldfish. The internet describes the feeling as "a fluttering butterfly" but that is horribly inaccurate; it's a live goldfish. I feel a little something once or twice in the evening and I'm pretty sure it's Baby W swimming around in there and not fish.

How I'm Feeling: I feel really good- bigger but good. I did a side-by-side comparison of my 4 week picture and DANG. I do look pregnant.... sort of. I might not be as big as your typical 20 week pregnant girl but I'm definitely bigger.
My hair looks so good in the mornings.
Sleep: I have been going to sleep a little earlier this week around 9pm and waking up when DLW calls. The Puppy Princesses are still getting up twice a night but I love having them snuggled up with me to keep me warm.
Food: The bump wanted Chipotle on Monday and what the bump wants, the bump gets. I'm also on a cheeseburger kick (remember when I was a Vegetarian? Ha!)

Workouts: Exercise still feels fantastic but running instantly makes me feel like I have to pee. Talk about uncomfortable. I am having to take potty breaks midway through OrangeTheory because the treadmill is killing my bladder.

Maternity Clothes: Does anyone else have a problem getting their maternity jeans to stay up? Why don't they come with belt loops?! I am constantly yanking them back up to make sure my crack isn't hanging out.... sexy.

Baby Items: Nothing new because I am secretly scared Baby W will be a girl at my ultrasound today (pregnant Googling is a horrible idea). However, after I get a 100% gender confirmation, it's on.

Best Moment This Week: Having today off! I took a staff leave day for my doctor's appointments (the are a few hours apart). I have an end of year meeting for school but even if I have to work a little, it's nice to have the day off! I'm hoping to fit in a lunch date with Stephanie!

Looking Forward To: Today's appointment! I can't wait to find out if Baby W is for sure a boy and I am hoping to FaceTime with DLW during the ultrasound!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Boys Behind the Blog #11: Your Questions ANSWERED

Happy The Boys Behind the Blog Thursday! This month's questions were submitted by the boys themselves! You all have some creative men and it was fun to read DLW's answers.

The link-up will remain open all week so feel free to join in anytime; Stephanie and I would love to have you and your guy!

Now for DLW's answers all the way from Afghanistan!

1. Your significant other’s blog- a blessing or a curse? Joe @ Another Clean Slate 
Mal's blog is blessing by far. It keeps our family and friends up to date on what we are up to. It also has helped her make a ton of friends, which made our move to Colorado a lot easier.

2. Do you read your wife's blog?Brian @ Heather's Hurrah
I do read her blog. I have the Bloglovin' app on my iphone. I have fallen behind on it here in Afghanistan because apps do not work too well.
Mal's Note: So he downloaded BlogLovin' by accident when he plugged his phone into my laptop and it updated with all of my app. Then he realized it was an easy way to read my blog and kept it!

3. What is one thing you can do better than anyone you know?- Justin @ Our Fairy Tale
EVERYTHING better than Mal haha. I am pretty awesome at pull-ups and shooting.
Mal's Note: This is true. He is better than me at pretty much everything and loves to rub it in. However, I don't mind watching him do pull-ups...

4. What is your favorite TV sitcom from the 90's? - Sam @ Jessie Jo At Home
Golden Girls! I love it.

5. If you were opening a small business or shop, what would it be? Nate @Kate & Trudy
I'm sure everyone is thinking I would say gun store but I am going to go with a Jeep Dealership. Whitt Jeep and Dodge- keep the American economy running.

Link up your Boys The Behind the Blog posts below and hop around to make some new friends!
Mal Smiles
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

$150 PayPal Cash Giveaway

What's better than a little giveaway to get you through Hump Day?!

My friend Jane is celebrating her third Blogiversary with a $150 PayPal cash giveaway! Not only is she awesome for hosting this giveaway but her husband is actually deployed with DLW right now! I don't think they've crossed paths over there but it's crazy to think it's such a small blog world!

Happy blogiversary, Jane!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rowing with Going Coastal

Hello, Friends! I’m Katie and I blog over at Going Coastal. Thanks to Mal for letting me have a little piece of her terrific blog today!

I want to share with you a sport that I really love doing that might be a little bit out of the “norm.” – Rowing!

When I was in high school, we had a rowing team that I joined my freshman year. It was love at first row. I loved working together as a crew and I loved that it was unique… not to mention it is an awesome workout!

There are two types of rowing: Sweeping {each rower has 1 oar about 12 ft} and Sculling {each rower has two oars about 9 ft each}

In high school we mostly did sweep rowing, although occasionally we did sculling in the summers or for practice. When you’re sweeping, you can either have a port oar or a starboard oar. Port oars are on the port (left) side of the boat, starboard oars are on the right side. However, because you sit backward in the boat, if you have a port oar, it’s actually on the right side, and if you have a starboard oar it’s on the left side. Sometimes it’s slightly confusing!

Also, the bow {front of the boat}, feels like it’s in the back and the stern feels like the front because we all sit backwards! Actually not ALL of us sit backwards, the coxswain {pronounced cox-en} faces forward so they can steer the boat. They have something called a cox box, which has a microphone that connects to speakers throughout the boat. This helps them give the rowers directions. {myth: they don’t actually yell out “stroke stroke stroke stroke”… that would be obnoxious.}

I rowed all through high school and had a blast. Unfortunately the college that I chose did not have a rowing team. Then I got married to my handsome hubby, Chris and we moved to Oklahoma. Surprisingly, Oklahoma City actually has a rowing team! So I made Chris take some rowing lessons, and we both started rowing on the masters {adult} rowing team! It was so good to be back on the water again.

Unlike in high school, the masters team did mostly sculling. They rowed in quads {four people, eight oars… because each person has 2} and doubles {two people; four oars} and singles {one person… obviously two oars.} My personal favorite is rowing in a quad because with four people you can really get the boat going!

There are different seats that you are assigned to when you row in the boat and each seat is numbered or named. First is the bow {or 1 seat} When you’re rowing in a boat with no coxswain {like quads or doubles} they are the person in charge of steering and giving directions to the rowers. Remember we’re all going backwards so the bow has to constantly be looking over his or her shoulder to make sure the boat is going in the correct direction and won’t crash into anyone or anything. {And crashing is no bueno because these boats are ridiculously expensive!} Personally, I hate bowing, mostly because it’s so stressful! A good bow deserves a lot of respect because it’s definitely hard! After the bow is the 2 seat – they sit right in front of the bow. Then there is the 3 seat and finally the stroke (or 4 seat.) The stroke also has a very important job because they set the pace of the stroke, and everyone in the boat must follow them. Being stroke was my favorite because I like being able to set the pace. A stroke also has to be very steady and often uses a “stroke coach” that you can attach to the boat and it calculates strokes per minute.  In order for a crew to effectively move a boat, it’s important that all parts of the stroke are completely in sync.

Unfortunately, due to my husband’s career in the military, we had to move to our next assignment last summer and haven’t been able to fit rowing into our schedule here because of the distance and times of practices. We are thinking of it as just a little break, and will definitely pick it back up again whenever we are able to next!

{that’s me in the stroke seat, also sometimes called 4 seat}


This is an eight, often abbreviated as 8+ This means there are eight rowers who are sweeping. {Apparently, I was the only one who decided to wear a blue shirt for this race, so I’m pretty easy to spot!}
In an eight, the numbers count off from the bow and go all the way up to 8. So in this picture I was 2-seat.

All the rowers must get into the boat at the same time after all the oars have been put in, otherwise the boat might flip!


I love this picture because it’s my husband winning his first singles race!

And this, my friends, is my husband and I racing in a double together. It turns out that we actually kinda get on each others nerves a lot when we row together, so I don’t necessarily recommend this. Ha! We did do several races together, and usually the races were fine, but when we had to practice together we sometimes got a little touchy with each other!


 Despite our arguments, we did have a good time together!

Rowing is such great exercise. It’s fun and I love being part of a big team. If you’re interested, look it up! There might just be a “learn to row” program near by and I’d encourage you to check it out! Thanks for reading and be sure to swing by my blog Going Coastal for more fun!

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